Issue #14 resolved

Merge into Pillow

Alex Clark
created an issue

Hey Philippe, any interest in working on this by end of June or so?

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  1. Philippe Lagadec repo owner

    Note: for now the main changes to OleFileIO code in Pillow are for Python 3.x compatibility (for 2to3). It looks possible to backport all these small changes to OleFileIO_PL without problem.

  2. vadmium

    I am working on a branch that merges Pillow’s OleFileIO module in, and then finishes porting the remaining bits to Python 3. Coding and merging mostly done, but I should give it a bit of a test. At the moment the same code supports Python 2.7 and 3.2 as a minimum due to using @functools.total_ordering.

    Would you be interested in such a beast? If necessary, it shouldn’t be hard to extend back to supporting Python 2.6 with the same code.

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