close method on ole object does not work in Python 2.7

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The close method is not working on a ole object. Doing this command ole = OleFileIO_PL.OleFileIO('myfile.doc') ole.close() does not close the file and release the file handle. I know this because I am running a script that does a directory crawl using OleFileIO to extract information from certain files. The script crashes with a ioerror 24, too many open files.
I have also tested this in IDLE with the same result. Idle capture **>>> ole=OleFileIO_PL.OleFileIO(mxd_file)

ole.close( 512 ole.close ole.SectorSize 512**

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  1. Philippe Lagadec repo owner

    Thank you David for reporting this issue. Could you please provide some sample code that can be used to reproduce the bug? Also could you please give more information about the context: was it under Windows, Linux or other? Were you reusing a single OleFileIO object to parse each file, or creating a new object each time? After parsing how many files did the issue happen? (roughly) Thank you.

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