bug with file object

Issue #8 resolved
Philippe Lagadec repo owner created an issue

reported on http://www.decalage.info/en/python/olefileio#comment-481

I passed a file() to OleFileIO() and got an error in this line 979: filesize = os.path.getsize(filename) but in line 847 you check for a file object if hasattr(filename, 'read'):

Potential solutions: use name method of file object before calling getsize (only works with real files) use seek(os.SEEK_END) then tell (only works with seekable file objects) do not allow file-like objects read all data then check len

I think the seek/tell solution is the most appropriate, since other parts of the code require seekable file objects anyway. Non-seekable file objects could be read into memory and converted to a StringIO beforehand.

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