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mraptor (MacroRaptor)

mraptor is a script to detect malicious VBA Macros.

It can be used either as a command-line tool, or as a python module from your own applications.

It is part of the python-oletools package.


Usage: [options] <filename> [filename2 ...]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -r                    find files recursively in subdirectories.
                        if the file is a zip archive, open all files from it,
                        using the provided password (requires Python 2.6+)
  -f ZIP_FNAME, --zipfname=ZIP_FNAME
                        if the file is a zip archive, file(s) to be opened
                        within the zip. Wildcards * and ? are supported.
  -l LOGLEVEL, --loglevel=LOGLEVEL
                        logging level debug/info/warning/error/critical
  -m, --matches         Show matched strings.

An exit code is returned based on the analysis result:
 - 0: No Macro
 - 1: Not MS Office
 - 2: Macro OK
 - 10: ERROR


Scan a single file: file.doc

Scan a single file, stored in a Zip archive with password "infected": -z infected

Scan a collection of files stored in a folder: "MalwareZoo/VBA/*"

Important: on Linux/MacOSX, always add double quotes around a file name when you use wildcards such as * and ?. Otherwise, the shell may replace the argument with the actual list of files matching the wildcards before starting the script.

How to use mraptor in Python applications


python-oletools documentation