Dedalus hangs in parallel when attempting a 3D interpolation using a Chebyshev basis

Issue #39 resolved
J. S. Oishi
created an issue

If one attempts to perform an interpolation to a single point in 3D before the transposes are created, Dedalus will hang if one of the bases is Chebyshev.

A workaround is to force the transposes to be created before the interpolation, for example by doing


The attached script provides a minimal working example. It runs fine in serial, but hangs in parallel if the workaround remains commented out.

Other notes:

  • the bug does not manifest if interpolation is done along only one dimension (even if it is the Chebyshev dimension)
  • This problem occurs in practice if one wishes to drop a "probe" in the flow to get a field at a given point and output it to a high time-cadence analysis task. The simulation will hang if the analysis task is triggered before the first timestep (as it is by default)

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  1. J. S. Oishi reporter

    Also, note that the workaround in the original post was completely spurious; it just happened that with only 2 cores, pretty frequently it would work anyway (because there were only two randomly chosen dict orders!)...

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