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Add a couple of nice bright themes for those sunny days spent coding

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File colors/mayansmoke.vim

+" =============================================================================
+" File:        mayansmoke.vim
+" Description: Vim color scheme file
+" Maintainer:  Jeet Sukumaran (GUI colors); Clayton Parker (cterm colors)
+" =============================================================================
+"  Initialization and Setup {{{1
+" =============================================================================
+set background=light
+highlight clear
+if exists("syntax_on")
+  syntax reset
+let colors_name = "mayansmoke"
+" }}}
+"  Normal Color {{{1
+" =============================================================================
+hi Normal gui=NONE guifg=Black guibg=#F4F4E8
+" }}}
+"  Highlight Groups {{{1
+" =============================================================================
+" Groups (see ':help highlight-groups'):
+"    ColorColumn     highlight to use with ':set colorcolumn'
+"    Cursor          the character under the cursor
+"    CursorIM        like Cursor, but used when in IME mode |CursorIM|
+"    CursorColumn    the screen column that the cursor is in when 'cursorcolumn' is set
+"    CursorLine      the screen line that the cursor is in when 'cursorline' is set
+"    Directory       directory names (and other special names in listings)
+"    DiffAdd         diff mode: Added line |diff.txt|
+"    DiffChange      diff mode: Changed line |diff.txt|
+"    DiffDelete      diff mode: Deleted line |diff.txt|
+"    DiffText        diff mode: Changed text within a changed line |diff.txt|
+"    ErrorMsg        error messages on the command line
+"    VertSplit       the column separating vertically split windows
+"    Folded          line used for closed folds
+"    FoldColumn      'foldcolumn'
+"    SignColumn      column where |signs| are displayed
+"    IncSearch       'incsearch' highlighting; also used for the text replaced with ":s///c"
+"    LineNr          Line number for ":number" and ":#" commands, and when 'number' option is set.
+"    MatchParen      The character under the cursor or just before it, if it is a paired bracket, and its match. |pi_paren.txt|
+"    ModeMsg         'showmode' message (e.g., "-- INSERT --")
+"    MoreMsg         |more-prompt|
+"    NonText         '~' and '@' at the end of the window, etc.
+"    Normal          normal text
+"    Pmenu           Popup menu: normal item.
+"    PmenuSel        Popup menu: selected item.
+"    PmenuSbar       Popup menu: scrollbar.
+"    PmenuThumb      Popup menu: Thumb of the scrollbar.
+"    Question        |hit-enter| prompt and yes/no questions
+"    Search          Last search pattern highlighting (see 'hlsearch').
+"    SpecialKey      Meta and special keys listed with ":map", text that is displayed differently from what it really is (such as tabs, spaces in listchars etc.).
+"    SpellBad        Word that is not recognized by the spellchecker. |spell|
+"    SpellCap        Word that should start with a capital. |spell|
+"    SpellLocal      Word that is recognized by the spellchecker as one that is
+"    SpellRare       Word that is recognized by the spellchecker as one that is hardly ever used. |spell|
+"    StatusLine      status line of current window
+"    StatusLineNC    status lines of not-current windows
+"    TabLine         tab pages line, not active tab page label
+"    TabLineFill     tab pages line, where there are no labels
+"    TabLineSel      tab pages line, active tab page label
+"    Title           titles for output from ":set all", ":autocmd" etc.
+"    Visual          Visual mode selection
+"    VisualNOS       Visual mode selection when vim is "Not Owning the Selection".
+"    WarningMsg      warning messages
+"    WildMenu        current match in 'wildmenu' completion
+hi ColorColumn  guifg=NONE              guibg=#EEEEDD
+hi Cursor       guifg=bg                guibg=fg                gui=NONE
+if hlexists('MayanSmokeCursorLine')
+    hi link CursorColumn MayanSmokeCursorLine
+    hi link CursorLine MayanSmokeCursorLine
+elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility >= 2
+    hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE              guibg=NavajoWhite   gui=NONE
+    hi CursorLine   guifg=NONE              guibg=NavajoWhite   gui=NONE
+elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_cursor_line_visibility >= 1
+    hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE              guibg=white         gui=NONE
+    hi CursorLine   guifg=NONE              guibg=white         gui=NONE
+    hi CursorColumn guifg=NONE              guibg=#FFFDD0       gui=NONE
+    hi CursorLine   guifg=NONE              guibg=#FFFDD0       gui=NONE
+hi CursorIM     guifg=bg                guibg=fg                gui=NONE
+hi lCursor      guifg=bg                guibg=fg                gui=NONE
+hi DiffAdd      guifg=NONE              guibg=SeaGreen1         gui=NONE
+hi DiffChange   guifg=NONE              guibg=LightSkyBlue1     gui=NONE
+hi DiffDelete   guifg=NONE              guibg=LightCoral        gui=NONE
+hi DiffText     guifg=black             guibg=LightCyan1        gui=NONE
+hi Directory    guifg=#1600FF           guibg=bg                gui=NONE
+hi ErrorMsg     guifg=Red2              guibg=NONE              gui=NONE
+hi FoldColumn   guifg=SteelBlue4        guibg=LightYellow2      gui=bold
+hi Folded       guifg=SteelBlue4        guibg=Gainsboro      gui=italic
+if hlexists('MayanSmokeSearch')
+    hi link IncSearch MayanSmokeSearch
+    hi link Search MayanSmokeSearch
+elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_search_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_search_visibility >= 4
+    hi IncSearch    guifg=white             guibg=red           gui=NONE
+    hi Search       guifg=white             guibg=red           gui=NONE
+elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_search_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_search_visibility == 3
+    hi IncSearch    guifg=black             guibg=gold       gui=NONE
+    hi Search       guifg=black             guibg=gold        gui=NONE
+elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_search_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_search_visibility == 2
+    hi IncSearch    guifg=white             guibg=darkorange       gui=NONE
+    hi Search       guifg=white             guibg=darkorange        gui=NONE
+elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_search_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_search_visibility == 0
+    hi IncSearch    guifg=black             guibg=tan         gui=NONE
+    hi Search       guifg=black             guibg=tan         gui=NONE
+    hi IncSearch    guifg=black             guibg=khaki          gui=NONE
+    hi Search       guifg=black             guibg=khaki          gui=NONE
+hi LineNr       guifg=#666677           guibg=#cccfbf    gui=NONE
+hi MatchParen   guifg=black             guibg=LemonChiffon3     gui=bold
+hi ModeMsg      guifg=White             guibg=tomato1           gui=bold
+hi MoreMsg      guifg=SeaGreen4         guibg=bg                gui=bold
+hi NonText      guifg=LightCyan3        guibg=bg                gui=bold
+hi Pmenu        guifg=Orange4           guibg=LightYellow3      gui=NONE
+hi PmenuSel     guifg=ivory2            guibg=NavajoWhite4      gui=bold
+hi PmenuSbar    guifg=White             guibg=#999666        gui=NONE
+hi PmenuThumb   guifg=White             guibg=#7B7939        gui=NONE
+hi Question     guifg=Chartreuse4       guibg=bg                gui=bold
+hi SignColumn   guifg=white             guibg=LightYellow3      gui=NONE
+if hlexists('MayanSmokeSpecialKey')
+    hi link SpecialKey MayanSmokeSpecialKey
+elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility >= 2
+    hi SpecialKey   guifg=black         guibg=NavajoWhite       gui=NONE
+elseif exists('g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility') && g:mayansmoke_special_key_visibility == 0
+    hi SpecialKey   guifg=bisque3       guibg=NONE              gui=NONE
+    hi SpecialKey   guifg=white         guibg=ivory3            gui=NONE
+hi SpellBad     guisp=Firebrick2                                gui=undercurl
+hi SpellCap     guisp=Blue                                      gui=undercurl
+hi SpellLocal   guisp=DarkCyan                                  gui=undercurl
+hi SpellRare    guisp=Magenta                                   gui=undercurl
+hi StatusLine   guifg=#FFFEEE           guibg=#557788     gui=NONE
+" hi StatusLineNC guifg=#EAE6E2           guibg=LightSteelBlue3    gui=italic
+hi StatusLineNC guifg=#F4F4EE           guibg=#99aabb    gui=italic
+hi TabLine      guifg=fg                guibg=LightGrey         gui=underline
+hi TabLineFill  guifg=fg                guibg=bg                gui=reverse
+hi TabLineSel   guifg=fg                guibg=bg                gui=bold
+hi Title        guifg=DeepSkyBlue3      guibg=bg                gui=bold
+hi VertSplit    guifg=#99aabb     guibg=#99aabb
+hi Visual       guifg=white             guibg=DeepSkyBlue1      gui=NONE
+hi WarningMsg   guifg=Firebrick2        guibg=bg                gui=NONE
+hi WildMenu     guifg=Black             guibg=SkyBlue           gui=NONE
+" }}}
+" 256-Color Terminal Colors, by Clayton Parker {{{1
+" =============================================================================
+hi Normal cterm=NONE ctermfg=16  ctermbg=255
+hi Comment      ctermfg=110
+hi Constant     ctermfg=214
+    hi String   ctermfg=30
+    hi Boolean  ctermfg=88
+hi Identifier   ctermfg=160
+hi Function     ctermfg=132
+hi Statement    ctermfg=21
+hi Keyword      ctermfg=45
+hi PreProc      ctermfg=27
+hi Type         ctermfg=147
+hi Special      ctermfg=64
+hi Ignore       ctermfg=255
+hi Error        ctermfg=196             ctermbg=255     term=none
+hi Todo         ctermfg=136             ctermbg=255     cterm=NONE
+hi VimError         ctermfg=160          ctermbg=16
+hi VimCommentTitle  ctermfg=110
+hi qfLineNr         ctermfg=16           ctermbg=46        cterm=NONE
+hi pythonDecorator ctermfg=208   ctermbg=255 cterm=NONE
+hi Cursor       ctermfg=255             ctermbg=16              cterm=NONE
+hi CursorColumn ctermfg=NONE            ctermbg=255             cterm=NONE
+hi CursorIM     ctermfg=255             ctermbg=16              cterm=NONE
+hi CursorLine   ctermfg=NONE            ctermbg=254             cterm=NONE
+hi lCursor      ctermfg=255             ctermbg=16              cterm=NONE
+hi DiffAdd      ctermfg=16              ctermbg=48              cterm=NONE
+hi DiffChange   ctermfg=16              ctermbg=153             cterm=NONE
+hi DiffDelete   ctermfg=16              ctermbg=203             cterm=NONE
+hi DiffText     ctermfg=16              ctermbg=226             cterm=NONE
+hi Directory    ctermfg=21              ctermbg=255             cterm=NONE
+hi ErrorMsg     ctermfg=160             ctermbg=NONE            cterm=NONE
+hi FoldColumn   ctermfg=24              ctermbg=252             cterm=NONE
+hi Folded       ctermfg=24              ctermbg=252             cterm=NONE
+hi IncSearch    ctermfg=255             ctermbg=160             cterm=NONE
+hi LineNr       ctermfg=253             ctermbg=110             cterm=NONE
+hi NonText      ctermfg=110             ctermbg=255             cterm=NONE
+hi Pmenu        ctermfg=fg              ctermbg=195             cterm=NONE
+hi PmenuSbar    ctermfg=255             ctermbg=153             cterm=NONE
+hi PmenuSel     ctermfg=255             ctermbg=21              cterm=NONE
+hi PmenuThumb   ctermfg=111             ctermbg=255             cterm=NONE
+hi SignColumn   ctermfg=110             ctermbg=254             cterm=NONE
+hi Search       ctermfg=255             ctermbg=160             cterm=NONE
+hi SpecialKey   ctermfg=255             ctermbg=144             cterm=NONE
+hi SpellBad     ctermfg=16              ctermbg=229             cterm=NONE
+hi SpellCap     ctermfg=16              ctermbg=231             cterm=NONE
+hi SpellLocal   ctermfg=16              ctermbg=231             cterm=NONE
+hi SpellRare    ctermfg=16              ctermbg=226             cterm=NONE
+hi StatusLine   ctermfg=255             ctermbg=24              cterm=NONE
+hi StatusLineNC ctermfg=253             ctermbg=110             cterm=NONE
+hi Title        ctermfg=75              ctermbg=255             cterm=NONE
+hi VertSplit    ctermfg=255             ctermbg=24              cterm=NONE
+hi Visual       ctermfg=255             ctermbg=153             cterm=NONE
+hi WildMenu     ctermfg=16              ctermbg=117             cterm=NONE
+" 1}}}
+"  Syntax {{{1
+" =============================================================================
+"  General {{{2
+" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
+" Groups ('*' = major; see 'help group-name'):
+"   *Comment        any comment
+"   *Constant       any constant
+"       String         a string constant: "this is a string"
+"       Character      a character constant: 'c', '\n'
+"       Number         a number constant: 234, 0xff
+"       Boolean        a boolean constant: TRUE, false
+"       Float          a floating point constant: 2.3e10
+"   *Identifier     any variable name
+"       Function       function name (also: methods for classes)
+"   *Statement      any statement
+"       Conditional    if, then, else, endif, switch, etc.
+"       Repeat         for, do, while, etc.
+"       Label          case, default, etc.
+"       Operator       "sizeof", "+", "*", etc.
+"       Keyword        any other keyword
+"       Exception      try, catch, throw
+"   *PreProc        generic Preprocessor
+"       Include        preprocessor #include
+"       Define         preprocessor #define
+"       Macro          same as Define
+"       PreCondit      preprocessor #if, #else, #endif, etc.
+"   *Type           int, long, char, etc.
+"       StorageClass   static, register, volatile, etc.
+"       Structure      struct, union, enum, etc.
+"       Typedef        A typedef
+"   *Special        any special symbol
+"       SpecialChar    special character in a constant
+"       Tag            you can use CTRL-] on this
+"       Delimiter      character that needs attention
+"       SpecialComment special things inside a comment
+"       Debug          debugging statements
+"   *Error          any erroneous construct
+"   *Todo           anything that needs extra attention
+" hi Comment      guifg=#A2B5CD         guibg=NONE      gui=italic
+hi Comment      guifg=#96AAC2         guibg=NONE      gui=italic
+hi Constant     guifg=DarkOrange        guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+    hi String   guifg=Aquamarine4       guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+    hi Boolean  guifg=IndianRed4        guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi Identifier   guifg=brown3            guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi Function     guifg=VioletRed4        guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi Statement    guifg=blue1             guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi Keyword      guifg=DodgerBlue        guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi PreProc      guifg=blue1             guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi Type         guifg=LightSlateBlue    guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi Special      guifg=DarkOliveGreen4   guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi Ignore       guifg=bg                guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi Error        guifg=Red               guibg=NONE      gui=underline
+hi Todo         guifg=tan4              guibg=NONE      gui=underline
+" 2}}}
+"  Vim {{{2
+" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
+hi VimError         guifg=red            guibg=Black   gui=bold
+hi VimCommentTitle  guifg=DarkSlateGray4 guibg=bg      gui=bold,italic
+" 2}}}
+" QuickFix {{{2
+" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
+" syn match qfFileName  "^[^|]*" nextgroup=qfSeparator
+" syn match qfSeparator "|" nextgroup=qfLineNr contained
+" syn match qfLineNr    "[^|]*" contained contains=qfError
+" syn match qfError     "error" contained
+hi qfFileName  guifg=LightSkyBlue4     guibg=NONE      gui=italic
+hi qfLineNr    guifg=coral             guibg=NONE      gui=bold
+hi qfError     guifg=red               guibg=NONE      gui=bold
+" 2}}}
+" Python {{{2
+" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
+hi pythonDecorator  guifg=orange3 guibg=NONE gui=bold
+hi link pythonDecoratorFunction pythonDecorator
+" 2}}}
+" Diff {{{2
+" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
+hi diffOldFile          guifg=#006666           guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi diffNewFile          guifg=#0088FF           guibg=NONE      gui=bold
+hi diffFile             guifg=#0000FF           guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi link diffOnly        Constant
+hi link diffIdentical   Constant
+hi link diffDiffer      Constant
+hi link diffBDiffer     Constant
+hi link diffIsA         Constant
+hi link diffNoEOL       Constant
+hi link diffCommon      Constant
+hi diffRemoved          guifg=#BB0000           guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi diffChanged          guifg=DarkSeaGreen      guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi diffAdded            guifg=#00AA00           guibg=NONE      gui=NONE
+hi diffLine             guifg=thistle4          guibg=NONE      gui=italic
+hi link diffSubname     diffLine
+hi link diffComment     Comment
+" 2}}}
+" PHP (contributed by Ryan Kulla) {{{2
+" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
+" Ryan Kulla's addition for PHP syntax highlighting (for regular/terminal vim)
+hi phpConditional ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpIdentifier ctermfg=0 cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpOperator ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpRegion ctermfg=132 cterm=NONE guifg=VioletRed4
+hi phpComparison ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpType ctermfg=darkgreen cterm=NONE guifg=darkgreen
+hi phpParent ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpMethodsVar ctermfg=132 cterm=NONE guifg=VioletRed4
+hi phpStatement ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
+hi phpStorageClass ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
+hi phpStringSingle ctermfg=30 cterm=NONE guifg=Aquamarine4
+hi phpStringDouble ctermfg=30 cterm=NONE guifg=Aquamarine4
+hi phpFunctions ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
+hi phpSpecialFunction ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
+hi phpRepeat ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
+hi phpNumber ctermfg=214 cterm=bold guifg=brown
+hi phpTodo ctermfg=red cterm=bold guifg=red gui=bold
+hi phpDefine ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
+hi phpConstant ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpCoreConstant ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpMemberSelector ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpLabel ctermfg=21 cterm=NONE guifg=blue
+hi phpStructure ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpRelation ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpEnvVar ctermfg=black cterm=NONE guifg=black
+hi phpIntVar ctermfg=0 cterm=bold guifg=black gui=bold
+hi phpBoolean ctermfg=58 cterm=NONE guifg=brown
+" 2}}}
+" 1}}}

File colors/proton.vim

+hi Normal guibg=#f0f0f0 guifg=#404040 gui=none
+hi Comment guibg=#f0f0f0 guifg=#9098a0 gui=none
+hi ToDo guibg=#f0f0f0 guifg=#9098a0 gui=bold
+hi Cursor guibg=#404040 guifg=#a0a0a0
+hi CursorColumn guibg=#e0e0e0 guifg=#202020
+hi CursorLine guibg=#e0e0e0 guifg=#202020
+hi NonText guibg=#d0d0d0 guifg=#606060 gui=none
+hi Visual guibg=#d0d0d0 guifg=#606060 gui=none
+hi Folded guibg=#d0d0d0 guifg=#606060 gui=none
+hi TabLineFill guibg=#d0d0d0 guifg=#606060 gui=none
+hi SpecialKey guibg=#e8e8e8 guifg=#a0a0a0 gui=none
+hi Search guibg=#808080 guifg=#ffffff gui=bold
+hi ModeMsg guibg=#f0f0f0 guifg=#304050 gui=bold
+hi MoreMsg guibg=#f0f0f0 guifg=#304050 gui=bold
+hi StatusLine guibg=#808080 guifg=#f0f0f0 gui=bold,italic
+hi StatusLineNC guibg=#707070 guifg=#d0d0d0 gui=italic
+hi VertSplit guibg=#707070 guifg=#909090 gui=none
+hi LineNr guibg=#d0d0d0 guifg=#606060 gui=none
+hi Underlined guifg=#202020 guibg=#f0f0f0 gui=underline
+hi Statement guibg=#e0e0e0 guifg=#606060 gui=none
+hi Label guibg=#e0e0e0 guifg=#606060 gui=underline
+hi Operator guifg=#a77039 guibg=#f0f0f0 gui=none
+hi Title guibg=#f0f0f0 guifg=#202020 gui=underline
+" Python: @ in front of decorators
+"hi Define guifg=#906000 guibg=#f0e8c0 gui=bold
+hi Define guifg=#605080 guibg=#ece8f0 gui=italic,bold
+hi Include guifg=#605080 guibg=#dcd8e0 gui=none
+hi Function guifg=#b08020 guibg=#f0e8c0 gui=underline
+hi Conditional guibg=#e0e8f0 guifg=#5080b0 gui=bold
+hi Repeat guibg=#e0e8d8 guifg=#509030 gui=bold
+hi Exception guibg=#f0f0f0 guifg=#a03020 gui=bold
+hi Type guifg=#607080 guibg=#f0f0f0 gui=underline
+hi PreProc guifg=#605080 guibg=#dcd8e0 gui=italic
+hi Identifier guifg=#608050 guibg=#c0e0c0 gui=none
+hi Constant guifg=#508040 guibg=#f0f0f0
+hi Number guifg=#508040 guibg=#f0f0f0
+hi String guifg=#a07060 guibg=#f0ece8 gui=italic
+hi Special guifg=#603020 guibg=#f0ece8 gui=italic
+hi DiffAdd guifg=#ffcc7f guibg=#a67429
+hi DiffDelete guifg=#ff7f50 guibg=#a62910
+hi DiffChange guifg=#7fbdff guibg=#425c78
+hi DiffText guifg=#8ae234 guibg=#4e9a06
+hi SpellBad gui=undercurl guisp=#f02020

File colors/pyte.vim

+set background=light
+hi clear
+if exists("syntax_on")
+  syntax reset
+let colors_name = "pyte"
+if version >= 700
+  hi CursorLine guibg=#f6f6f6
+  hi CursorColumn guibg=#eaeaea
+  hi MatchParen guifg=white guibg=#80a090 gui=bold
+  "Tabpages
+  hi TabLine guifg=black guibg=#b0b8c0 gui=italic
+  hi TabLineFill guifg=#9098a0
+  hi TabLineSel guifg=black guibg=#f0f0f0 gui=italic,bold
+  "P-Menu (auto-completion)
+  hi Pmenu guifg=white guibg=#808080
+  "PmenuSel
+  "PmenuSbar
+  "PmenuThumb
+" Html-Titles
+hi Title      guifg=#202020 gui=bold
+hi Underlined  guifg=#202020 gui=underline
+hi Cursor    guifg=black   guibg=#b0b4b8
+hi lCursor   guifg=black   guibg=white
+hi LineNr    guifg=#ffffff guibg=#c0d0e0
+hi Normal    guifg=#404850   guibg=#f0f0f0
+hi StatusLine guifg=white guibg=#8090a0 gui=bold,italic
+hi StatusLineNC guifg=#506070 guibg=#a0b0c0 gui=italic
+hi VertSplit guifg=#a0b0c0 guibg=#a0b0c0 gui=NONE
+" hi Folded    guifg=#708090 guibg=#c0d0e0
+hi Folded    guifg=#a0a0a0 guibg=#e8e8e8 gui=italic
+hi NonText   guifg=#c0c0c0 guibg=#e0e0e0
+" Kommentare
+hi Comment   guifg=#a0b0c0               gui=italic
+" Konstanten
+hi Constant  guifg=#a07040
+hi String    guifg=#4070a0 
+hi Number    guifg=#40a070
+hi Float     guifg=#70a040
+"hi Statement guifg=#0070e0 gui=NONE
+" Python: def and so on, html: tag-names
+hi Statement  guifg=#007020 gui=bold
+" HTML: arguments
+hi Type       guifg=#e5a00d gui=italic
+" Python: Standard exceptions, True&False
+hi Structure  guifg=#007020 gui=italic
+hi Function   guifg=#06287e gui=italic
+hi Identifier guifg=#5b3674 gui=italic
+hi Repeat      guifg=#7fbf58 gui=bold
+hi Conditional guifg=#4c8f2f gui=bold
+" Cheetah: #-Symbol, function-names
+hi PreProc    guifg=#1060a0 gui=NONE
+" Cheetah: def, for and so on, Python: Decorators
+hi Define      guifg=#1060a0 gui=bold
+hi Error      guifg=red guibg=white gui=bold,underline
+hi Todo       guifg=#a0b0c0 guibg=NONE gui=italic,bold,underline
+" Python: %(...)s - constructs, encoding
+hi Special    guifg=#70a0d0 gui=italic
+hi Operator   guifg=#408010
+" color of <TAB>s etc...  
+"hi SpecialKey guifg=#d8a080 guibg=#e8e8e8 gui=italic  
+hi SpecialKey guifg=#d0b0b0 guibg=#f0f0f0 gui=none
+" Diff
+hi DiffChange guifg=NONE guibg=#e0e0e0 gui=italic,bold
+hi DiffText guifg=NONE guibg=#f0c8c8 gui=italic,bold
+hi DiffAdd guifg=NONE guibg=#c0e0d0 gui=italic,bold
+hi DiffDelete guifg=NONE guibg=#f0e0b0 gui=italic,bold
 if has("gui_running")
   highlight SpellBad term=underline gui=undercurl guisp=palegreen
   if has("gui_gtk2")
-      set guifont=DejaVu\ Sans\ Mono\ 11
+      set guifont=DejaVu\ Sans\ Mono\ 9
 " infect with pathogen