Andrei Sosnin  committed 646a7f3

Add keybinds to switch between standard and wide line widths for Python development

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 filetype plugin indent on
 " vim: set ft=vim :
-if exists('+colorcolumn')
-  set colorcolumn=110
-  au BufWinEnter * let w:m2=matchadd('ErrorMsg', '\%>80v.\+', -1)
-  highlight OverLength ctermbg=darkred ctermfg=white guibg=#FFD9D9
-  match OverLength /\%>80v.\+/
-set textwidth=109
+nnoremap <F9> :set colorcolumn=110<CR>:set textwidth=109<CR>
+nnoremap <F8> :set colorcolumn=80<CR>:set textwidth=79<CR>