1. Andrei Sosnin
  2. .vim


My VIM config

This file contains the Vim settings I use for Python development.


  • pathogen -- VIM package manager
Requiring pathogen:
  • gundo -- VIM undo history tree navigation plugin
  • threesome -- turns VIM into a friendly merge tool
  • vim-haml -- HAML, SASS and SCSS editing support (syntax, indent, ...)
  • markdown -- Markdown editing support
  • colors/molokai.vim -- a nice dark theme
  • colors/xoria256.vim -- another nice 256-color dark theme
  • extrawhite.vim -- highlight trailing whitespace
Python stuff:
  • pep8.vim -- check for pep8 violations
  • pydoc.vim -- python stdlib docs in Vim help format
  • pyflakes.vim -- check Python code with pyflakes
  • python_ipdb.vim -- set pdb breakpoints into python scripts
  • python_pydiction.vim -- module and keyword completion for python
  • python.vim -- the obligatory indentation fix
  • restore_window.vim -- save and restore vim window geometry between runs


Some of the modules require pathogen now. It can be installed with the simple bash script that downloads the latest version of it from github, assuming you have hg-git extension on your Mercurial:

~/.vim/ $ ./bin/get-pathogen.sh