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             data_files.append(os.path.join(prefix, f))
+LONG_DESCRIPTION = '''Experimental release of django-registration by Pebble.
+Developers should use James Bennett's release at django-registration.
+Contact details have been changed for this release to prevent unecessary emails
+being sent to the upstream developer.
       version=get_version().replace(' ', '-'),
-      description='An extensible user-registration application for Django',
-      author='James Bennett',
-      author_email='',
-      url='',
-      download_url='',
+      description='Pebble experimental release of django-registration',
+      long_description=LONG_DESCRIPTION,
+      author='Scott Walton',
+      author_email='',
+      url='',
+      download_url='',
       package_dir={'registration': 'registration'},
       package_data={'registration': data_files},
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