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deepdiff / Release_Instructions

DeepDiff performs releases primarily through Maven, published to the Sonatype OSS Maven Repository. General instructions can be found in the OSS Maven Repository Usage Guide. Only users with appropriate permissions will be able to utilize these steps.

Detailed instructions on DeepDiff specifics:

  • When published, artifacts can be found here.
  • The initial repository configuration was performed under ticket OSSRH-1920.
  • Check that your local repository is properly updated and configured.
  • cd to deepdiff/assembly
  • run "mvn release:clean"
  • run "mvn release:prepare"
    • Use the same release version for the deepdiff-engine, deepdiff-app, and deepdiff-assembly components; if you're doing a minor version update, the default should be correct
    • Use deepdiff-VERSION as the tag name for all components. For example, if you were releasing version 1.0.1, the tag would be deepdiff-1.0.1. This will not be the default.
    • Unless the next version is a larger version update, the default should be fine for the "new development version".
  • run "mvn release:perform"
  • Log in to and click on "Staging Repositories"
  • There should be a new deepdiff staging repository.
  • Select the staging repository and click the Close button.
  • Browse within the staging repository to find the files that were just uploaded.
  • Download the files deepdiff-app-VERSION-onejar.jar, deepdiff-app-version.exe, and
  • Test that the *-onejar.jar and *.exe files work properly.
    • If errors are found, drop the staging repository and re-attempt the release from the beginning.
  • When everything looks good, select the staging repository and click the Release button.
  • Rename the downloaded files to deepdiff-VERSION.jar, deepdiff-VERSION.exe, and, respectively.
  • Go to
  • Use "Add download" to upload these three files to the project site.
  • The artifacts should be on Maven central within 2 hours.