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Dinu Gherman
Merged rptlab/reportlab into default
allow environment setting of multiple search paths contributed by bitbucket user nikis
fix href bug reported by bitbucket.kmouts
rptlab fix encoding issue in _splitWord
replabrobin fix typo in annotateException
replabrobin fix bug in _fragWordIter
robin better handling of errors in the test function
add greyscale image and tests thereof
robin acoid errors when using greyscale images
Matthew Duggan
Add ability to output greyscale and 1-bit PIL images without conversion to RGB.
robin & attempt to improve handling of various Zero size flowables
robin I think actual default linewidth is now 1
re-add a 'test' of the highlight annotation contributed by Ben Echols
Backed out changeset d30e432b8a2f
add a 'test' of the highlight annotation contributed by Ben Echols
Ben Echols
Fixed comment to be more correct
Ben Echols
Make the arrays easier to human read when output into PDF
Ben Echols
Added more doc strings and python recommended type checking.
Ben Echols
Added highlight annotations
robin fix wrap mutation of words
robin remove hazardous cdeepcopy in _Container.listWrapOn
robin fix _Container.wrapOn (I hope)
robin preserve class during cloning
platypus: change implementation of new FrameBG so it can be used in containers
robin small efficiency changes
textobject.c: fix bug in setStrokeColor
robin added minDimen property to allow customization of zero height bars
changes to FrameBG
added FrameBG frame action to allow frame backgrounding
Robin Becker
Merged in esss/reportlab (pull request #2) Fix pfb allocation to match the deletion (gt1-parset1.c:3071)
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