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 This module implements reading and writing of Tiff files.
-<add more here, decide where the info should go>
+It uses a few files from PIL as sub-modules via import_mapper
+and therefore can coexist with a seperate PIL installation.
+The sole purpose of Tiffany is reading and writing of multi-file
+Tiff. No attempt is made to encode, decode or modify image data.
+Tags are normalized and cleaned as a side effect.
+How it works
+-- to be done --
+Tiffany originates in the Didoca project that needs to read
+multi-file Tiff with CCITT G3/G4 encoding and display certain pages
+in Qt (PySide). Qt decodes many formats, but cannot display more than
+the first page and is very pedantic about the Tiff tags. Tiffany solves
+exactly that problem and does not require temporary files.
+Currently, only Python 2.7 is supported. Support for Python 2.6
+and Python 3.X is in preparation.
 rootpath = os.path.abspath(os.path.dirname(__file__))
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