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+.. -*- mode: rst -*-
 A command-line typing tutor for accelerating typing speed.
+:Author:  Dinu Gherman <>
+:Version: Version 0.8.0
+:Date: 2007-08-12
+:Copyright: GNU Public Licence v3 (GPLv3)
 This is a simple command-line typing tutor with instant feedback for learning 
 wrong keystroke, etc...
 From the system command-line you use '' e.g. like this::
   +:45 (93 %), -:3 (6 %) - all: 48 chars in 13.6 sec -> 212 chars/min
 - take input text files and present them line by line on the console
 - install a Python command-line script ''
-- test on systems other than Mac OS X (more on Windows and Linux)
-- add logging capability
+There are multiple ways to install `typotoo`, some of which are described 
+1. (TODO) Using `easy_install`
+With the `easy_install` command on your system and a working internet 
+connection you can install `typotoo` with only one command in a terminal::
+  $ easy_install typotoo
-  python build
-  python install
+If the `easy_install` command is not available to you and you want to
+install it before installing `typotoo`, you might want to go to the 
+`Easy Install homepage <>`_ 
+and follow the `instructions there <>`_.
-This will install a single Python script named '' in your 'bin' 
+2. Manual installation
+Alternatively, you can install the `typotoo` tarball after downloading 
+an archive file like ``typotoo-0.9.0.tar.gz`` and decompressing it with 
+the following command::
+  $ tar xfz typotoo-0.9.0.tar.gz
+Then change into the newly created directory ``typotoo`` and install 
+`typotoo` by running the following command::
+  $ python install
+This will install a single Python script named `` in your 'bin' 
 directory, usually in '/usr/local/bin'.
 ------- was mainly developped and tested on Mac OS X, but it should also
 each letter as well. It should be helpful in debugging on other 
 platforms like Windows.
-Dinu Gherman
+Bug reports
+Please report bugs and patches to Dinu Gherman 
+<>. Don't forget to include information 
+about the operating system and Python versions being used.
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