A scene graph library for java, based on JOGL.

A scene graph is a tree-like data structure that describes a 3D scene. V3dScene provides the basic elements that make up a graph scene, and it renders it with OpenGL. V3dScene allows the user to interact with the scene graph using the mouse (picking). It also provides higher level tools for handling the camera.

The motivation for writing V3dScene was to create a graph scene library with fewer technical restriction than the already available libraries. More specifically, there are no strict delimitation between the scene graph nodes, the cameras and the GL contexts. Thus, you can have many GL contexts showing the same scene graph, or many cameras watching the same scene graph, etc.

V3dScene is coupled to a third-party library, FengGUI, which is a 2D user interface toolkit based on OpenGL. This means that a FengGUI component can be a node of a graph scene ; it will be rendered in the scene and the user will be able to interact with it seemlessly.

V3dScene is one of the building block of the commercial project Visiodef 2, a graphical fire safety supervisor by DEF.


This is a Maven 2 project.
Here is a list of the dependencies needed for building it :
- jogl and gluegen (Maven 2 repo at http://download.java.net/maven/2/)
- a forked version of fenggui (Sources at https://bitbucket.org/def_iss/fenggui-multi-gl-context)
- mx-native-loader (Maven 2 repo at http://opensource.mxtelecom.com/maven/repo)


There is no comprehensive documentation for this library, yet. It is although very similar to existing scene graph librairies, like Java 3D, and can be easily understood by developpers familiar with such APIs.

__Distribution & Licence__

This project is hosted at https://bitbucket.org/def_iss/v3dscene, and is licenced under the GNU LGPL version 3 or later.
The copyright for V3dScene is held by the DEF Company (www.def-online.com)