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 them in action e.g. in the `compiled.py`_ source code in the `CLexer` and
 `JavaLexer` classes.
-.. _compiled.py: http://trac.pocoo.org/repos/pygments/lexers/compiled.py
+.. _compiled.py: http://dev.pocoo.org/projects/pygments/browser/pygments/lexers/compiled.py
 The ExtendedRegexLexer class
 This might sound confusing (and it can really be). But it is needed, and for an
 example look at the Ruby lexer in `agile.py`_.
-.. _agile.py: http://trac.pocoo.org/repos/pygments/trunk/pygments/lexers/agile.py
+.. _agile.py: http://dev.pocoo.org/projects/pygments/browser/pygments/lexers/agile.py
 Filtering Token Streams