Dejan Noveski


Geodjango Showcase Project


Flakements is cross-breed between pyflakes + pep8 and pygments. It's a linter tool that enhances pyflakes + pep8 with additional graphical element - shows the code and highlights the problematic lines. It can be also used as api - the function check_source is a wrapper around pyflakes, and when used with code text, returns a dict with line number, offset and error message. pep8_code uses pep8 script and parses its output to generate compatible dict with the previous function.

960 layout system

960ls code repository. The 960 Layout System was created to help streamline web designers' workflow by giving them all the power of in a nice, easy-to-use interface that is useful for noob and guru alike. Powered by Flask python framework and jQuery


PYCH is online Python code checking tool. It uses Flakements script to check the code for errors and pep-8 deviations. Flakements uses pep8 script and pyflakes so the accuracy of the checks depends on those two scripts. - CLI script for generating custom 960gs grids (css)