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Trimmed News section, added link to the app in chrome app store

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 		            <h1 id="news">News</h1>
-                                <li>Fluid CSS cut 35% in length with the removal of redundant code</li>
-                                <li>Removed some redundant classes/code from the generated CSS</li>
-                                <li>Added main menu on top and back-to-top link on the side</li>
-                                <li>Code highlight made more user-friendly</li>
-				<li><a href="">We now accept donations.</a></li>
+			        <li><b>Get the Chrome/Chromium
+			        Application
+			        (shortcut) <a href="">HERE</a> for
+			        easy access.</b></li>
 				<li>We can host your generated CSS files for you, gzipped and <a href="">varnished</a>. With <a href="">the best server for the job</a>. Just copy the generated link tag into your HTML head and you are good to go.</li>
-				<li>The hosted version is now backed by PostgreSQL, the best RDBMS evar.</li>
-				<li>We moved to the cloud, to gain more buzzword compliance.</li>
-		                <li>Fixed a bug in the generator. The zips and the code work now.</li>
-		                <li>Generating fluid 100% width grids</li>
 		            <br />
 		            <h1 id="faq">FAQ</h1>
-		                <em>"What is that #header, #content, and #footer crap?"</em><br />
+		                <em>"What are #header, #content, and #footer?"</em><br />
 		                The grid is broken up into 3 sections (#header, #content, and #footer) for the sake of simplicity. We feel these are the
 		                most common sections and almost any site could be built upon this structure.