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**** - CLI script for generating custom 960gs grids (css) Can generate grids will custom width/column number/gutter width. Outputs to file or stdout.

== Usage ==


==== Optional Arguments ====

  -h, --help            show help message and exit

  -w WIDTH, --width WIDTH
                        Content width in px. Defaults to 960px.

  -c COLUMNS, --columns COLUMNS
                        Number of columns. Defaults to 12.

  -g GUTTER, --gutter GUTTER
                        Gutter width in px. Defaults to 20px.

  -f FILE, --file FILE  Name of the file to be saved. If this is not specified
                        the css will be printed to stdout

To generate 1024 grid with 15px gutters and 10 columns:

**//python -w 1024 -c 10 -g 15//**

== Requirements ==
# jinja2
# argparse