W3cValidate.vim is a plugin that enables buffer/url validation using the api

== USAGE ==

Copy w3cvalidate.vim file inside plugin directory, source it or restart Vim. Use 

    :W3cValidate to validate the current buffer
    :W3cValidate "[url_here]" to validate a hosted page
    :W3cValidateDT "[doctype]" to validate the buffer using the [doctype] override. Make sure the doctype is a valid doctype

The validator service url can be changed if you run an instance of it localy by setting  g:w3_validator_url  in .vimrc

The script has API timeout default to 20 seconds. You can change it by setting  g:w3_apicall_timeout  in .vimrc

== NOTES ==

Needs vim compiled with +python option. Works out of the box on Ubuntu and Ubuntu-derivates.

Thanks to Yegappan Lakshmanan for Scratch.vim, I got some ideas for the temporary buffer displaying the errors/warnings from this script.