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 Some explanation for the parameters in the scheduledTasks array:
 1. **name** - This value is used only by Iron Scheduler for logging out information on what it did to help you track what got queued. *Required.*
 1. **schedule** - Whenever Iron Scheduler runs it compares uses this value to decide whether or not to queue the scheduled task. This value is a regular expression that is run against the Date object UTC string. [This]( page is extremely helpful in contructing regex strings that give you the matches you want. Don't forget to escape the backslashes when you put it into the JSON. *Required.*
 1. **expires** - A date UTC string specifying until when Iron Scheduler should attempt to schedule this scheduled task. *Optional.*
 ## Current Limitations / Future Work ##
-* Adding in API authorization/authentication.
+* If a scheduled task is expired Iron Scheduler currently bombs (on purpose). Not sure what the correct logic should be.
+* If *interval* is set to 0 then it is treated as 1. This means that if *number* is greater than 1, the queued tasks won't be scheduled to be perfectly concurrent.
+* Right now each queued task is it's own API call, but the ironio API supports queueing multiple tasks in one call.
 ## License ##