TypeExtensibility produce non-deterministic results

Issue #148 resolved
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For the classes sun.plugin.dom.core.CharacterData and sun.plugin.javascript.navig.URL taken from the JDK 1.8.0_161 the type extensibility results vary between yes and no.

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  1. florian_kuebler reporter

    ```analyses { cg { ClosedPackagesKey { analysis = "org.opalj.br.analyses.cg.ClosedCodeBase" # considers all packages closed (e.g. suitable when analyzing an application)

          #analysis = "org.opalj.br.analyses.cg.OpenCodeBase" # considers all packages open (e.g. suitable for security analyses)
          #analysis = "org.opalj.br.analyses.cg.ClosedPackagesConfiguration"
          #closedPackages = "java(/.*)*"
          # Use a regular expresion (e.g. "java(/.*)*") to specify all packages
          # that shall be considered closed. In some cases, it might be easier to 
          # specify all open packages. In this case it's possible to invert the
          # specified regular expression (e.g. "^(java(/.*)*)"). The latter example
          # would consider all packages except the java packages as closed.
        ClassExtensibilityKey {
          analysis = "org.opalj.br.analyses.cg.ConfiguredFinalClasses"
          finalClasses = [] # used by org.opalj.br.analyses.cg.ConfiguredFinalClasses


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