Entry Points are not detected in some cases

Issue #94 closed
Michael Reif
created an issue

Have a look at the following methods of the JCG project and fix the entry point computations for libraries.

Further details can be found at the following methods' definition

General Expressions: -false negatives- lib/ExpressionPrinter:printExpression lib/ExpressionPrinter:visit (4 mal) lib/Constant:toFloat lib/AltConstant:toFloat

JVM Interaction Expressions: -false negatives- lib/ExpressionPrinter:visit

Lambda Expressions: -false positives- app/ExpressionPrinter$ExpressionStringifier:recursiveAccept app/ExpressionPrinter$ExpressionStringifier:visit

Method Handle Expressions: -false negatives- lib/Constant:toFloat

Polymorphic Frenzy Expressions: -false positives- lib/SquareExpression$SquareOperator:apply lib/SquareExpression$SquareOperator:toString

Reflection Expressions: -false negatives- lib/Constant:toFloat

Static Initialized Expressions: -false negatives- lib/Constant:init

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