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                                                   -*- Text -*-

* What is TowBowlTactics (tbt)?

It's an adaptation of the tabletop game Blood Bowl (LRB5), to be
played on a computer. Free software, of course. You can find more
information about it at

If you're most interested in tbt, see README.tbt

* What is Prologin?

Prologin is a french association. It does a programing contest for all
european student less that 21 years. You can find more information
about it at

If you're most interested in prologin, see README.prologin

* What is Stechec?

Stechec is the framework (code base) that serve these two
projects. There is a basic client/server, a wrapper around SDL, a few
handful scripts...

Note that depending on how and where tarballs are generated, prologin
or tbt can not be included (to save space). But they are always both
available on the subversion server.

* Finally, why are these two (independent) projects together?

The only thing they have in common is that they are turn-based game,
and they need at some time a graphical interface. Actually, the main
developper worked on the two projects at the same time, and didn't
wanted to maintain two separate base code. Really, lots of things are

* Why are some code/doc in english and other in french ?

Well... It's always difficult to choose one, and be consistant. One
one hand, most of developers/users are french, and it's more easier to
read/write in french.

One the other hand, as we can expect some non-french people to look
into this software (when it will rule the world...), we are something
tempted to write all of it in english. With a lot of basic grammar
mistake, of course.

The true answer is the motivation and goals of developers at the time
things are written. Why this README is not in french in the first
place? :)

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