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This script is used to easily mirror Git repositories to a Mercurial
repository. I mainly use it to automatically synchronize the Vim plugins I'm
using with Mercurial subrepos, but I'm sure there are a lot of other uses to
this tool.

It is actually very simple, probably buggy and not mature at all. The known
bugs (let's call them "features") will be described later.


- Mercurial (obviously)
- Bash
- HG-Git

How to use

Look at the example configuration file and create your own configuration
file describing the repositories you want to mirror and where you want to
mirror them.

Then launch the `hggitmirror` script when you want to check for updates and
push them on the mirrors. Ideally, you could use cron for that :

0 * * * * /path/to/hggitmirror >/dev/null 2>&1


- There is no error handling. You won't be notified in case of an error.
- If Git or Mercurial starts to become interactive (asking for a password),
  they won't be automatically interrupted !
- Probably a lot more !


BSD. Look at the script for more informations.