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Welcome to the website of our project, Méta-morphosis.

Méta-morphosis is a project created in order to be able to launch PlayStation programs on a x86 computer (Intel/AMD CPU). However, while most of the ways to solve this problem require the use of an emulator program, Méta-morphosis tries to solve it in a more original way by decompiling, translating and recompiling the PlayStation binary, in order to get a normal, standalone x86 executable at the end of the pipeline.

Currently it is not yet in an usable state : while it can run some demos, most of the PlayStation components are not yet handled :

  • The SPU (Sound Processing Unit), therefore no sound can be used
  • The GTE, accelerating 3D vectors/matrices computations
  • The DDE, handling MPEG decompression in hardware
  • Most of the CPU logic, some R3000 instructions, and a lot of more things.


Caution: as we already said, this project is not yet usable. What you can currently download is an early preview of this project, and the documents needed for the project's conception (in French).

If you are still interested in downloading this project, you may try to look at our Downloads page.

The team

The three developers of the project are EPITA students, working on Méta-morphosis as their InfoSpé project.

See the Team page for more informations.