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Wii Optical Disc FS

Mount your Wii disc images on a local directory using the FUSE API.

1. How to use

$ ./wiiodmount --help

You can also install wiiodmount on your system using distutils:

$ python2 setup.py install

2. Dependencies

  • PyCrypto (needed for AES computations)
  • PyFS (used to expose the FS with FUSE)

3. Use the wod library

wiiod is also a Python 2.x package you can use in your applications. There are several layers you can use, from the lowest level to the highest level:

  • wiiod.disc: disc image access, partition table, game metadata.
  • wiiod.partition: crypted partition access, DOL/bootloader/FS raw access.
  • wiiod.wiiodfs: "high level" API to access files on WOD partitions.
  • wiiod.fs: a PyFS filesystem using wiiod.wiiodfs.

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