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JSON Compare Java CLI

This client is using the Swagger generated Java client for DeltaXML's JSON Compare REST API.


Instructions for installing the Swagger generated client:

  1. Go to the Swagger Editor
  2. Import the JSON Compare swagger spec (in lib/swagger.json)
  3. Go to Generate Client in the toolbar at the top and select Java
  4. Extract the downloaded zip
  5. In a terminal, navigate to the folder extracted from the zip
  6. Run the command mvn install from that folder to install it to your local .m2 directory

Instructions for building the client:

  1. Navigate to the folder where you have downloaded the CLI code
  2. Run the command mvn package to build the JAR
  3. The packaged JAR will be in the target directory with the name json-compare.jar

Documentation for using the client:

Documentation is hosted on the wiki in this repository.