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"fontpreviewer" is a nice little tool that generates PNG thumbnails of TTF
fonts, and also generates a HTML file with all generated thumbnails.

It receives a list of TTF files as parameters, and write a PNG image for
each file at the same directory. It requires write-permission to the
directory with the fonts.

- Python
  - Version 2.6 or 2.7 (maybe other versions too)
- SDL and SDL_ttf
  - Tested with libsdl-1.2.13 and sdl-ttf-2.0.10
- pygame compiled with font support (SDL_ttf)
  - Tested with pygame-1.9.1

Optional requirements (but recommended):
 - FontTools (
   - Tested with fonttools-2.3
 - TTFQuery (
   - Tested with ttfquery-1.0.4