Redstone JavaScript
======== ==========

This thing is the beginnings of a Redstone editor/simulator, written
completely in JavaScript.

In case you don't know, redstone is a kind of material used to make
electrical-like circuits inside Minecraft game.

Currently, it has the basic interface to import/export a map from a JSON
string, and not much else.

Current features:
------- ---------

* Decoupled backend and frontend.

* Backend can load a map from a JSON string, or export the map to a JSON

* Frontend has basic interface, with some tabs and some options inside a

* Written using latest technologies from the web! And won't run on older
  browsers! Don't even think about Internet Explorer!

* Written using no JavaScript framework. That's right! I did not use jQuery,
  and I don't plan using it!
  (don't get me wrong, jQuery is a great framework, but I wanted to write
  something without using any framework, just to know how is the current
  JavaScript and browser state nowadays)

Desired features:
------- ---------

* (fronted) Have a palette of "tiles" (blocks) at the left column, so that the
  user can click on the map to put blocks. In order words, become an "editor".

* (fronted) Have a list of map layers with checkboxes, so the user can
  hide/show each layer individually.

* (backend) Make sure the X, Y, Z coordinates in this project are consistent
  with the coordinates in Minecraft, just to avoid confusion.

* (backend) Be able to identify inconsistent map states (e.g. a torch in
  mid-air). Maybe implementing Map.validate() for this purpose.

* (backend) Be able to automatically realign redstone wires, just like in real
  Minecraft. Maybe implementing Map.realign_wires() for this purpose.

* (backend) Be able to simulate redstone circuits. This will require adding a
  "power" property (or field) to Cell objects. Probably also add some extra
  properties (or fields) for other blocks (e.g. the repeater delay)

Project History and Motivation:
------- ------- --- -----------

This project started because... Well... It was Carnival time and I had a few
days of free time. I knew that "Baezon's Redstone Simulator" [1] was
abandoned, and there is some effort to rewrite it [2].


Then I thought: well, why can't we rewrite it in JavaScript?

I always wanted to write a tile-based editor (in JavaScript, why not?), and
thus I decided to start this project. I've never planned to finish it
completely, because I know I won't have much free time after the Carnival, but
I wanted to get as far as I could, and then release it into the Internet.
Maybe someone else can continue this project from where I stopped.

Tools and services:
----- --- ---------

* Vim
  My preferred editor

* JSLint
  Nice (and sometimes a bit annoying) JavaScript checker

* W3C HTML Validator

* W3C CSS Validator

* Mercurial and hg-git
  I'm using Mercurial as my version control system, but I'm also using hg-git
  to export the code to git.

* BitBucket and GitHub
  I'm hosting this code at both BitBucket and GitHub.


The source-code of this is licensed under GPL-3.

It includes images that were extracted directly from Minecraft files. These
images are copyright of Mojang, and are *not* under GPL.

I may change the license if someone gives me a good enough reason to do that,
but I will keep this project open-source. (actually... I believe you can't
close-source HTML and JavaScript)