Denilson Sá committed 49f3e10 Added IPv6 support (calls "ping6" if "-6" option is passed).

I've added the "-6" option as a shortcut to "--pingbin ping6". Thanks to
Kenneth Dahle.

Fixes issue 2.

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   --rttmax <n>     Maximum RTT represented in the unicode graph. (default: auto)
   --awkbin <exec>  Override the awk interpreter. (default: awk)
   --pingbin <exec> Override the ping tool. (default: ping)
+  -6               Shortcut for: --pingbin ping6
 ping parameters handled by prettyping:
   -a  Audible ping is not implemented yet.
 			-awkbin  | --awkbin  ) AWK_BIN="$2"  ; shift ;;
 			-pingbin | --pingbin ) PING_BIN="$2" ; shift ;;
+			-6 ) PING_BIN="ping6" ;;
 			#TODO: Check if these parameters are numbers.
 			-last    | --last    ) LAST_N="$2"           ; shift ;;