Unicode characters rendering ugly on iTerm2.app

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I have iTerm2.app, with a custom font (monoOne https://github.com/madmalik/monoOne).

Here is a screenshoot of the output of prettyping. http://d.pr/i/7X0S

The unicode characters seems to render badly. Also the "Request timeout for icmp_seq 378" message is not parsed and printed.

If you need more informations about my configuration, ask me. I use tmux.


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  1. Denilson Sá repo owner

    About the unicode character rendering, I think I can "fix" it by always having the background color set when using prettyping --multicolor. Can you test the attached version and give your opinion?

    About the "Request timeout..." message, if no ! was printed, that means your ping version didn't increase the icmp_seq number. The exclamation marks are printed whenever prettyping notices a gap in the reported icmp_seq number. What kind of ping is that? Mac OS X? If the icmp_seq number did not increase, so I'm afraid this is working as intended.

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