Move prettyping to its own repository

Issue #6 resolved
Denilson Sá
repo owner created an issue

In order to keep things neatly organized and make prettyping easier to be packaged by distros, it would be nice to move it to its own repository. Here are the steps I can remember right now:

  • Create a 'prettyping' repository.
  • Import prettyping with history into that repository.
  • Add a INSTALL file (it will be pretty short).
  • Create a screenshots branch, and link screenshots in README from it. (How to add screenshot to READMEs in github repository?)
  • Create a tag for each release. The tag should follow Semantic Versioning convention. (BitBucket, just like github, provides automatic zip or tarballs for each branch or tag.)

This addresses a suggestion from reddit users.

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