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Opens a X window with the calendar for current year.


  • sh
  • cal
  • xmessage


Long and boring description

The year is 2003... I was still learning Gnu/Linux... I was using Slackware 9.0 and fluxbox. I had wmCalClock in my dock. I just wanted to click on wmCalClock and make it open a calendar for the whole year.

Two manpages later, this script was born. It is so simple that I could embed it right here, instead of offering a download option. Heck, the script has only one line! It just calls cal -y and pipes the output to xmessage.

It was one of my first scripts. Almost 5 years later, I still use it and the code is still the same.

Yes, I know, xmessage is really ugly, but it does its job pretty well. (Note: if you know how to make xmessage prettier, please tell me!)

Should I rewrite this to something more "modern"? I don't know. Is there something as simple, as fast and as useful as this one?


thumbs/xcal_1.pngWell, just a screenshot. Plain simple and useful. Ok, it is ugly, but it works really well.