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Opens a terminal (xterm or aterm) with my preferred settings.


  • bash
  • xterm or aterm


Long and boring description

The terminal I usually use is xterm. However, I don't like the standard default xterm settings. Moreover, many distros (Fedora... argh!) like to modify the default settings.

Then I wrote this script. It runs xterm with my preferred settings. (Ok, instead of writing this script I could have messed with /.Xresources, but this script is a lot more convenient)

At that time (around year 2005), there was no composite extension, there was no Xgl, there were no compositing window managers. In those days, in order to get a cool-looking terminal, people were forced to run a terminal with pseudo-transparency support (it used the wallpaper to simulate pseudo-transparency effects). One of those terminals was aterm.

So, in addition to run xterm, this script can also run aterm. And, what's more, every time it will run aterm with a different background color tint. Oh... On those days that was cool.

This script works by analysing the name used when running it. bash's [[ command is used to make this easier, thus, bash is required. In addition, this script is completely transparent, because all parameters are passed directly to the terminal program.

To install this script, put it somewhere in the PATH and add a couple of symbolic links (,, pointing to the same script. Please read the script source for more instructions and to understand how it works.


thumbs/xterm_1.pngRunning the script as
thumbs/xterm_2.pngRunning the script as