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libev: pull minor updates from cvs

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 TODO: faq, process a thing in each iteration
 TODO: dbeugging tips, ev_verify, ev_init twice
+        - destroying a non-default loop would stop the global waitpid
+          watcher (Denis Bilenko).
 	- queueing pending watchers of higher priority from a watcher now invokes
           them in a timely fashion (reported by Denis Bilenko).
 	- add throw() to all libev functions that cannot throw exceptions, for
 #ifdef _WIN32
           WSABUF buf;
           DWORD recvd;
-          DWORD flags;
+          DWORD flags = 0;
           buf.buf = dummy;
           buf.len = sizeof (dummy);
-          flags = 0;
           if (WSARecv(EV_FD_TO_WIN32_HANDLE(evpipe[0]), &buf, 1, &recvd, &flags, 0, 0))
               int error;
-  if (ev_default_loop_ptr == EV_A)
+  if (ev_is_default_loop(EV_A))
       if (ev_is_active (&childev))