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Some testing material to work with Psycopg2 with coroutine support.

One upcoming Psycopg version will have coroutine support. In order to use them a coroutine framework, such as Eventlet or gevent, should implement a "wait callback" as an hook to schedule a coroutine switch while a libpq call is waiting for data.

In this project there are wait callback implementations for a few coroutine libraries: they are licensed in order to allow their inclusion in the library.

You can check out the Psycopg green branch from its GIT repository.

Recent activity

Denis Bilenko

Commits by Denis Bilenko were pushed to denis/psycogreen

ff88c96 - gevent: use timeout=None to indicate no timeout instead of timeout=-1 the future versions of gevent will only allow timeout=-1. (0.12.2 and older allow both None ...
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