MK58 does not connect automatically due to wrong password

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Issue #7 resolved
Denis Loh repo owner created an issue

App does not connect to MK58

Typhoon Camera (android app) with MK58 support

Jagerbomb52: I gave it a try tonight and it would not connect to the MK58. It kept saying connection failed. It also would be nice to have a menu button to refresh the connection. My phone was connected to the MK58 through WiFi but the app would not connect.

I think I might know the problem with it not connecting to the MK58. The MK58 uses a different password then the CGO3. MK58 is just 12345678 where as the CGO3 is 1234567890. If the app is defaulting to the CGO3 password it will never connect. It would be nice to have a splash screen at start up to input a password.

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