Robert Brewer committed 558eb46

Fix for #506 (unrepr should support negative numbers).

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     def build_NoneType(self, o):
         return None
+    def build_UnarySub(self, o):
+        return -self.build_Const(o.getChildren()[0])
+    def build_UnaryAdd(self, o):
+        return self.build_Const(o.getChildren()[0])
 def unrepr(s):


         def index(self, key):
             return cherrypy.request.config.get(key, "None")
         index = cherrypy.expose(index, alias=('global_', 'xyz'))
+        def repr(self, key):
+            return repr(cherrypy.request.config.get(key, None))
+ = True
     class Foo:
             return str(cherrypy.request.config.get(key, "None")) = True
+    ioconf = StringIO.StringIO("""
+neg: -1234
     root = Root() = Foo()
-    cherrypy.tree.mount(root)
+    cherrypy.tree.mount(root, config=ioconf)
     cherrypy.tree.mount(Another(), "/another")
     cherrypy.config.update({'environment': 'test_suite'})
             ('/',        'nex', 'None'),
             ('/',        'foo', 'this'),
             ('/',        'bar', 'that'),
+            ('/repr',    'neg', '-1234'),
             ('/xyz',     'foo', 'this'),
             ('/foo/',    'foo', 'this2'),
             ('/foo/',    'bar', 'that'),
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