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#1 Declined

Added paged result control

  1. Christian Wills

Added get_search_entry_with_controls() and modified search() in ldap_funclient to allow for paged results for large searches. See RFC here:http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2696.html.

I made a separate get_search_entry_with_controls() so as to maintain backwards compatibility. In the long term I think this functionality should be merged into get_search_entry but the api will need to be broken.

I have also included a test program that shows the functionality in action. It is helpful to run wireshark while running the test program so that it can be clearly seen what it actually happening.

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Comments (5)

  1. Jacques-Pascal Deplaix repo owner

    I think, this can be included in the "branch" next instead of this one.

    As I said here: https://sympa.inria.fr/sympa/arc/caml-list/2012-09/msg00131.html, the next release will be based on the old trunk. The branch next is available as a new repository (I can't do a real git branch because of the model of the old svn branches with ocamldap), here: http://git-jpdeplaix.dyndns.org/libs/ocamldap-next.git/

    I'll apply this patch on the new repository. Thanks.

  2. Christian Wills author

    Ah, I see. So in the future I should work from ocamldap-next. How do you prefer to receive patches? I picked this method just because I thought it would be good to have a bitbucket setup, would you prefer a git formatted patch?