Firefox Sync for Chromium

This is an EXPERIMENTAL extension for the Google Chrome browser
(a.k.a. Chromium).  It allows one to synchronize bookmarks (currently)
with Mozilla's Sync service.

Its a fork of the Weave Extension for Chrome by Philipp von Weitershausen
modified to support Sync Storage Format Version 5 (
The Code is in a very early Stage and shouldn't be used in a Productive Environment.


* Philipp von Weitershausen wrote the JavaScript Weave client and the
  initial Extension (

* Anant Narayanan put together many of the cryptographic building
  blocks in the 'weaveweb' project.

* Tom Wu is the author of the jsbn RSA cryptography library (jsbn/*).

* B. Poettering implemented the AES cryptography routines (weave/aes.js).

* Paul Johnston implemented the SHA1 and SHA256 algorithms

* Jonas Raoni Soares Silva for utf-8 utilities (weave/utf8.js)

* The style elements (logos, background, etc.) were copied from the
  Weave Sync add-on for Firefox, created by Mozilla Corporation.