1. python 2.7 or greater

  2. numpy (download from http://www.scipy.org)

  3. Cython (download from http://www.cython.org)

  4. A C compiler, to compile the _cmap.c module in the util directory. For gcc, run this:

    gcc _cmap.c -o _cmap.so -fPIC -shared -O2 -std=c99 -Wall -Werror

  5. Pyrel supports multiple graphical user interfaces (GUI). Each GUI may have its own requirements, described in its respective subsection below. By default, the game starts with the wxWidgets GUI. The GUI can be specified at runtime with the --ui flag. Valid values are:

Running the game

On Linux/Mac, to start pyrel, run:

python pyrel.py

Or you may need to specify the version:

python2.7 pyrel.py

On Windows, you need to specify the full path of your Python installation, e.g.:

C:\Python27\python.exe pyrel.py



  1. wxpython 2.9 or greater

The "Stable" wxPython available from http://wxpython.org is 32-bit only. If you have 64-bit Python, then you should download the "Cocoa" development version instead. Note that this version is only available for Python 2.7.

Alternately, you can use the 32-bit wxpython by using the provided "python32" launcher script as follows:

./python32 pyrel.py

QT Tool Kit


  1. PyQt4 4.9 or greater

To start Pyrel in QT mode, run:

python pyrel.py --ui=QT



  1. An 80x35 character terminal with 256 color support

To start Pyrel in curses mode, run:

python pyrel.py --ui=CURSES

Troubleshooting OSX

Aside: as a general rule, developers on OSX are strongly recommended to install their "own" Python instead of using and modifying the Python that comes installed with the OS. By using a custom Python install instead of the OS Python, you avoid potentially confusing the OS. Perhaps more importantly, users cannot redistribute Apple's Python, rendering it impossible to provide a standalone program for people who want to play Pyrel without having their own development environment set up.