1. Simon Liedtke
  2. brevduva




brevduva is a graphical email client that can be completely used by your keyboard. It aims to be minimalistic, easy to use and do only one thing: email. No calendar, no to do list, no address book. If you want a do-everything-app, I have to disappoint you: brevduva is the wrong kind of software for you.


compose a new mail
answer to the currently selected mail
fetch new mails from the currently selected account
fetch new mails from all accounts
reply to the selected mail(s)
Reply to all mails in the currently selected folder(s)
quit brevduva
add a new mail account
remove the selected account(s), selected folder(s), or selected mail(s), respectively
change settings
search all mails
mark or unmark the selected mail(s)
cycle through the three views: accounts / folders, mail info, and mail content


Before you can install brevduva, you need to install PyGTK3. Instructions for that can be found at http://python-gtk-3-tutorial.readthedocs.org/en/latest/install.html.

After that, brevduva can either be installed via pip:

pip install brevduva

Or you use the following command from the project directory of brevduva:

make install

Both commands usually require root previliges. That's it! Now you can call brevduva from the command line to launch it (menu entries are not supported yet, sorry).

Running the tests

To be able to run the tests, you need to have installed brevduva first. You also need the latest tox version. And by that, I mean really latest (newer than version 1.4.2, so currently you'd have to clone the repo from https://bitbucket.org/hpk42/tox). After that, you can run the tests by calling tox from the command line.