ZzzzzzZ             zz
    Z    z               z    The spatial gallery / social network / lounge
        z                z    (c) 2010, Dereckson, some rights reserved.
        z    zzzzz   zzzzz
       z    z     z z    z    0.1   alpha technical preview
      z     zzzzzzz z    z
      z     z       z    z    Last update hypership time: 5.096
     z    Z z     z z    z
    ZzzzzzZ  zzzzz   zzzzzz


 * Zed is a PHP 5.3 application.

 * You can import dev/schema-mysql.sql as original SQL schema

 * The configuration file is includes/config.php

 * Files are cached in 3 directories of the cache folder, sets appropriate
   write permissions to:
   compiled        openid          sessions

 * Zed needs but doesn't include in its code the Janrain OpenID PHP libraries: -

   Put the Auth folder somewhere in your include_dir path.

   bcmath and GMP php extensions are recommended (required?) for OpenID.
   Our dev environment outputs a white page without error if GMP isn't here.

   If you don't wish to enable OpenID, replace your includes/login.php by

 * Another used PHP extension is the WDDX one, to store session information in
   a human-readable format, easier to debug.

   If you don't want that, comment the following line from includes/config.php:
   ini_set('session.serialize_handler', 'wddx');


 * For our main prod install, we use a script exporting last repo revision with
   hg archive and applying a patch to config.php.


 * Global location is a 9 letters code
   <B,S> <body or spaceship id> <place where you are in this body/spaceship>
         zerofilled 5 digits    zerofilled 3 digits

   You can also find 6 digits expressions e.g. B00001 is the hypership

  * Local location varies of the place.
    - On hypership core (B00001002): Sector C<0-8> Level <z> Zone <x-y>
        - 0 is the gravity center
        - 1-8 the 8 cubes surrounding it: 1-4 below, 5-8 above
    - On the ship tower (B00001001): Sector T<z> Couloir <1-6>
        - z is the level
        - couloir depends of your x, y position (polar coordinates could help)


  * The amount of days since hypership launch, July 3rd 2010 00:00 UTC
  * So the decimal part is like internet time, but in GMT and not CET/CEST


  * A pazaak game, to have something to play
  * Will be an Arzakon client


  * You can create new SmartLine commands

  * You can translate it in a new language
    Start point:

  * You can code a bit of adventure, places description, stuff to do
    as long you don't transform it in ogame clone (we're building a community
    who want or don't want to play, but not a mechanic game)
    and as long no money is involved (if you ask why, read Iain M. Banks novels)
    in the hypership (in far asteroids, orbitals, planets you do what you want)


 * Javascript get_hypership_time will returns 5.94 instead 5.094

   Some %03d to add in /js/misc.js

 * The floater rendering adds a black line under Opera

   dojox.layout.floatingPane bug, need to check with last dojo version

 * API /location query will break indent on location->body->location

   beautify XML code to improve

 * do.php allows any local location move, discarding FrL status

 * The upload artwork dojo form can't be closed under Opera

 API - General methods

 * /api.php/time

   Returns hypership time
   Public access

 * /api.php/perso/<perso_id>

   Returns perso object
   Created only to test extensively recursivity of api xml output
   It's disabled since 10.811 on, if you need an alternative,
   open a bug report with the fields you need. Ship API should be able to manage
   inventory if user is on. Ship API must also be able to get/set custom flags.
   Requires a key

 * /api.php/location/<location code or name>

   Returns location object
   Tip: to get the full name, use string eg /api.php/location/Zeta?format=string
   Requires a key

 * GET/POST API parameters

   - key
      API key, ask it at zed at dereckson be, object [DEV] api key request

   - format
     - preview  print_r representation, so you've an idea of the object
     - json     json_encode() output
     - php      serialize() output
     - wddx     WDDX were an early universal serialization attempt
     - xml      XML document
     - string   output "as is" (or if it's an object, calls __toString())

 API - Ship

 * /api.php/ship/authenticate/<perso nickname>


Elfix, to have let me figure a regexp correction, instead to throw away regexp
validation for places local location.