Measure Me

MeasureMe is a low friction personal measurement tool. It can be used up easily create a diary of subjective measurements such as pain, energy and sleep quality.

MeasureMeAndroid - A native java app for Android devices


This project has been migrated to AndroidStudio and Gradle, the project is in a folder called MeasureMeAndroidStudio

You will need to download AndroidStudio from here

You will also need the Java SE JDK

Running the tests


gradlew test


gradlew build

Test reports are in .\roboelectric-tests\build\reports\tests\index.html. Tests can also be run from AndroidStudio

Building for release

gradlew assembleRelease

When building a release version then you will be prompted for the keystore password - if you dont know it then you cannot build.


The old (up to v1.0.7) versions were an eclipse project you will need to install ADT bundle from here

The old eclipse project is in a folder called MeasureMeAndroid

You will also need the Java SE JDK

ANT is used to control the build configuration you can get ANT from here

To switch configurations type (this will rewrite the templated files only)

ant config_dev
ant config_prod

To perform the builds type

ant dev
ant prod

(for prod builds you will need to supply your own keystore details in

To run the unit tests type

ant test-report-junit

Test reports are in ./test-report-html/index.html

The continuous integration build is

ant ci

This will clean the app, build the app, clean the tests and run the tests

Projects can also be compiled and run in Eclipse

Into your workspace you will need to import


Run MeasureMe as an android app

Run MeasureMeTests as a Junit test project - you can use the Eclipse test runner

Note you appear to need to clean when swapping from Eclipe to Ant and back

To Build for Release

Start a command window and enter

cd C:\Data\Code\MeasureMe\MeasureMeAndroid
ant ci
cd ..\AndroidSupport\deploy

(to do the signing you will need the private keystore and password)