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Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 3ed web toolkit

WFRP 3ed symbols

We are using modified Liberation font family. With the modified fonts installed you may easily type any WFRP 3ed symbols in Windows: just hold Alt key, enter the numeric code on numeric keypad(!) and release Alt key. Numeric code for "Success" symbol is simply 1. For "Boon" symbol it is 2. Here is a complete table

Here is how to remember the codes. Codes from 1 to 5 are just the order in which the symbols appear on action cards: you will see Success section first, followed by Boon section, then Sigmar's Comet and Bane, and the last one will be Chaos Star. Codes 6 and 8 are for d6 and d8. White d6 sits next to black d6, so its code is 7. Then d10 dice has Windows code of 10, but for our application it is 0 since we should use single digit only. Challenge symbol looks like crossed swords, so the x character is an easy guess. Rightseous success starts with r. Delay starts with d and comes last in Windows codes. The rest of the codes including 9 for Extortion you will indeed need to remember. Sorry about that.



A template for a New Card is opened by default instead of Troll-Feller Strike. New format of action card JSON encoding - to prepare for a client-server application. Tooltips for editor lables to comment on what is expected for each textarea. Common section of editor.


Improved card rendering quality (mostly on screen rather then on downloadable image) by utilizing pica library to resize images. Improved UI on smaller screens.


Import of JSON files is supported. Adding a card image is supported. A little bit better quality of text rendering for requirements and effect sections. There are plans to move rendering to SVG which should improve rendering quality a lot.


Card editor is functional with export and import JSON file. Still need support for card images. Some bugs are expected. Cards are rendered differently on Linux and Windows systems due to unreliable "measureText" function.


Major rework to render the cards graphically on a canvas rather then by HTML text. Still need some effort to make text rendering quality perfect. Added link to render the card at 300 dpi and download the result to a JPEG file. Prepared some stuff for the card editor.


Takes URL arguemnt to locate a json source file to render.


Able to render a Troll-Feller Strike card out of source json file.

Plans for development

A final destination for the project is to create a web toolkit to assist Game Masters in their role. The toolkit should be able to create NPC or monsters and manage encounters with those. That includes tracking initiative, actions recharging, spending A/C/E pool, gathering wounds and criticals, and so on. Another part is a system to create all types of cards, so that Game Masters may easily create their own action cards, locations, and so on. This is to some extend can already be achieved with Strange Eons software, but the renderer there isn't perfect, and the tool itself may be not easy to use.

Engagement goals

  • Create unit test system and cover all existing code with it.
  • Create an editor that would be used to generate action cards in json format.
  • Add support of navigation through cards directory.

Close range goals

  • Create complete set (sans and serif, italic, bold, italic-bold) of WH fonts out of Liberation font family.
  • Move from javascript to something more convenient like golang.
  • Make editors auto-filling with json data from existing cards.

Medium range goals

  • Take care of permissions of files.
  • Make sure the web toolkit looks good with any screen resolution.

Long range goals

  • Create support for creature cards, condition cards, location cards, talent cards and so on.
  • Create support for various card styles.
  • Create a database project to store all the cards (instead of them being stored as json files).

Extreme range goals

  • Create an NPC/monster generator editor.
  • Adapt web page for using with mobile devices.
  • Create a script to convert existing cards in Strange Eons to our source json format.

Few words about the author

I have some 14 years of development experience, mostly with C and VHDL. Last few years were spent with python. But this project uses HTML, Javascript and, hopefully, golang - all of which are pretty new to me. So please don't be too harsh on me. But if you have some advices or comments about any part of the project (except for legal notes) please share. You may contact me directly with an e-mail to epikur (at) inbox (point) ru.

If you want to contribute

I'll be very happy. Suggested option to contribute is to fork the repository, change things in your fork and then make pull requests.

Legal note and copyright

This is an open source project distributed under GNU license: No part of this repository may be used for any commersial purpose without approval of the author (Dertarr) and major contributors, and may Sigmar save you if you break it! Witch Hunters are already preparing a warming stake for you, so consider yourself warned!!!