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Binary package:
Current version: 0.52 (RC 2 beta 3)

Status: I'm fed up with it.

If I ever get to it again, it will be a rewrite using language database instead of text file. For now, the project is on hiatus. Sadly, I never got to adding the so-would-be-useful thesaurus search :(

Previously on Hymmnodict:

Features already planned that we need (++), the ones we need NOW (+++), or the ones we don't really need (+). Uncategorized are «not hard, but time-consuming, and boring to code». (in progress means that I already know how to do it, but don't know when I will have time to)

First priority:

  • DONE +++ display selected word in (huge) hymmnos. (easy)
  • DONE ++ Make a single .exe file, so people won't have to download and install some ridiculously huge packages. (easy)
  • ++ Make installer (AutoIt or a real installer, other methods would require rebooting) for hymmnos font and the dict. Does anyone know how to make installers?
  • DONE(not perfect, but functional) +++ add fuzzy search engine to allow missing dots and to compensate for typing errors and source file errors.
  • +++ word category engine (parse 'word class' into set of tags). quick toggle buttons to filter by important categories (Pastalia/Standard, Es, Ev). (in progress)
  • +++ WordNet (thesaurus) search.

Fancy Useful Stuff:

  • +++ add meaningful color-coding(very easy), with an option to highlight by class and option to mimic hymmnoserver (easy)
  • DONE ++ (very easy) Lexicon table update from Conlang. It should be very easy to code in a completely separate module, and we don't even need gui for that to work.
  • + make editor/translator control (like in WaKan). This would be quite useful (very hard)
  • ++ make Category TreeView (easy, but requires category engine operational first).
  • DONE+ add splash screen or embed banner picture into the program window. Fancy but useless.

Useless Crap:

Things that some people would like to see, but nobody really needs:

  • +? Tool-tips or menu, with messages in statusbar or tooltips explaining options (if any).Useless.
  • +? Glob («wildcards») search engine. We can't use regexps, since a) people are afraid of them and b) dot is already a special character, it would cause confusion. (easy)
  • +? full 'incremental search' paradigm. List control has that functionality built-in, but over all considerations I decided to stick with Grid. To make it equally fancy, we should send keystrokes from grid in focus back to search field, and make "search filed get focus + select everything after pressing direction buttons or after 1...3 seconds of inactivity " option. (easy)