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I have a VC++ developer background and the keyboard shortcuts I use the most are Ctrl+Shift+F (Find-in-Files) and... Ctrl+Alt+F (Switch focus between the code editor and the search results). Also, once the focus is in the search results pane, I am always tempted to hit ENTER instead of clicking on the file/line that I wanted to open. Finally, I find it useful to have the Find-in-file dialog populated with my favourite settings ( files patterns and project directories to search ).

All this is not supported by Scintilla ( whether in SciTE or in Notepad++ ). So I wrote the following program that I run on startup and that makes Scintilla behave the way I want it to.

This is fairly well tested, since I used this for a couple years (XP, Windows 7, x86 and x64) and works on both Notepad++ and SciTE.

Further developments

The next problem was the content of the Find in Files dialog itself, so I added a check and populate this dialog as suites as soon as it shows up. This is what the .ini file is for.

Functional description

1/ Set a hook on Ctrl+Alt+F and on the ENTER key + process keystroke if a Scintilla application has the focus (forward otherwise)

Scintilla Wrapper Logo

2/ Loop and check every 350ms if the "Find in Files" dialog did not show up + populate the combo-boxes according to the configuration file.

Scintilla Wrapper Logo


  • Keep the 3 files ScintillaWpr.au3, Inc.ScintillaWpr.Helpers.au3 and ScintillaWpr.ini together (in the same directory)
  • Edit the ScintillaWpr.ini to suit your needs (I provided a sample usage)
  • Run the ScintillaWpr.au3 script.

Additional notes

Do not get into any conflict with any other "findstr" program that might come with Cygwin, Git, or GnuWin32 or god knows what other Unix emulation system. I recommend editting the file and setting:

find.command=C:\WINDOWS\System32\findstr.exe /n /s /i /c:"$(find.what)" $(find.files)

Also, the scintilla-wrapper functionality could also be achieved by implementing custom LUA scripts and changing configuration of SciTE.

Questions and comments

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