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Welcome to HookLine

HookLine is an experimental real-time chat application written with Pylons as an application framework, Cappuccino as the ui kit and the excellent HookBox integrated comet server and message queue. The immediate goal of the HookLine project is to create a web application that will serve as an example of an ideal stateless http application. The Pylons application is responsible for serving dynamic content, Cappuccino provides a powerful and responsive interface and HookBox provides real-time communications where appropriate.

Running HookLine


  • python >= 2.4
  • Pylons == 0.9.7
  • Mako == 0.2.4
  • SQLAlchemy == 0.5.6
  • HookBox


  • clone the HookLine code
$ hg clone

You'll probably want to create a to run HookLine since Pylons and HookBox have dependencies that you'll probably want to keep separate from your system python.

  • install pylons and sqlalchemy

The easiest way to do this is to use easy_install. If you're using a virtualenv, be sure you've activated it or can otherwise be certain you're using the easy_install from that environment. If you aren't using a virtualenv, we'll assume you can take care of yourself.

$ easy_install pylons==0.9.7 sqlalchemy==0.5.6

You may be wondering why Mako isn't explicitly installed above. Mako is a dependency of Pylons, and so it will be included implicitly.

  • install HookBox


  • run HookLine!
$ cd hookline
$ paster serve development.ini