Issue #4 resolved

Option to ignore a LogicalOr that ends with a literal

Erik Simmler avatarErik Simmler created an issue

I use a lot of idioms such as foo = bar or {} ... which means that it will never evaluate to "F T". Instrumental does recognize the presence of a literal, but these still clutter up my results.

Just a thought. Issue #2 would give a good way to at least mark these as "ok".

Awesome tool!

Comments (6)

  1. desmaj

    There's been work on a system to address issue #2, but it's a long way from being ready. Maybe a good idea would be to include an option to ignore expressions with zero or one variable inputs unless the expression is used in a decision context. This might require more powerful static analysis than we currently have, but I'll give it a go. Thanks!

  2. Erik Simmler

    Awesome! Seems to do the trick at first glance. I'm actually gearing up for a bit of a coverage sweep, so I'll put it through more paces.

    I'd consider this one closed. Thanks!!

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