desmaj  committed 1fb8230

fixed to build source distributions correctly now that we're using mercurial

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File daemon/

+recursive-include orbited *
+include NEWS
+include README.testing
+global-exclude .DS_Store *.hgignore *.hgtags *.pyc

File daemon/orbited/

-__version__ = "0.7.11a"
+__version__ = "0.7.11dev"

File daemon/setup.cfg

-tag = dev

File daemon/

         description = 'A browser(javascript)->tcp bridge; Comet is used to emulate TCP connections in the browser; Allows you to connect a web browser directly to an IRC or XMPP server, for instance.',
         long_description = '',
         packages = find_packages(),
-        package_data = {'': reduce(list.__add__, [ '.svn' not in d and [ os.path.join(d[len('orbited')+1:], e) for e in
-                static_types ] or [] for (d, s, f) in os.walk(os.path.join('orbited', 'static'))
-            ]) },
+        include_package_data=True,
         zip_safe = False,
         install_requires = ['morbid >=',